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Practice mindfulness | Day 8 | Self Care Challenge

Mindfulness is described as the practice of paying attention to the present moment. This can be something that you consciously put time aside for, whether that be 10 minutes or an hour a day at first. Mindfulness can become your natural response when you're approaching a big deadline or stressful situation.  

Mindfulness can help you see a large, daunting task in smaller, more manageable pieces to help us not to get overwhelmed or overly reactive. There are a wide range of mindfulness techniques, it’s just finding one that suits you. There are lots of mindfulness apps which also include guided meditations and affirmations, some of our favourites are: 

1. Aura; the meditation app that helps you relieve stress in three minutes

2. Breethe;  when stress, anxiety, or sleepless nights leave you feeling deflated, Breethe helps you bounce back to your natural, happy state

3. Headspace; live a healthier, happier, more well-rested life in just a few minutes a day with the Headspace app

4. Calm; discover daily meditations on stress & anxiety and more

5. Insight Timer; with 40,000 free guided meditations you can meditate on Insight Timer for as long as you want

For further information on Mindfulness and how the Union can help with your overall wellbeing, check out our Mindfulness & Wellbeing webpage here!

If you feel your mental health is suffering during this time and want to discuss ways that could help you feel more in control, MindSet is a regular Livestream for young people who are looking for help to manage emotional distress. Brought to you by Body & Soul Therapists, every session introduces key skills that are explained, practiced live and reinforced with the science that can help you to better understand what you are experiencing. Based on 4 key skill sets from Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), these skills have helped young people at Body & Soul to transform their mental health.  

To register email to request a link to the next scheduled episode.  


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