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Reconnect to Leeds

Reconnect to your Leeds Community through regular events around various local venues, as well as joining in on external workshops and courses? Below is a list of our favourite events to go to, so get involved in your Leeds Community!

What's on weekly around Leeds:

An Exciting poetry event happening every Monday! Whether you are pro-poet or just want a safe space to use spoken word for the first time this is the poetry event for you. It's a chance to explore all sorts of poetry through writing, speaking, listening, music, word games and drawing. Express your feelings, relax and grow as a poet. Snacks are provided for the in-person meeting up or alternatively you can join online!

Leftbank's non-traditional life drawing classes in collaboration with Assembly House! Each week a different local artist will run you through the session. Explore different materials and fun prompts to develop your drawing skills, open to any level! There are hot drinks available at the cafe and alcoholic beverages available at the bar.

Refresh your mind and body through these morning yoga sessions with Rosie every Wednesday! This is a relaxing way to start your morning and gradually wake you up for a productive day. Have a stretch and reduce your anxiety and stress.

Come on down for the Chemic's Open mic! They offer low-pressure sets with a house piano, guitar, kick-cajon and mics provided, so all you have to do is bring yourself. Get down early to get a time slot and perform for the locals. Oh and there's a free drink for every performer!

Why not come to a free space to work that isn't your bedroom! Get access to wifi, bring your own mug for a hot brew and grow your creative community in this collaborative space. Don't forget to bring your own projects to work on too, it's a great chance to gain some inspo from fellow creatives.

Join Leeds Roller Girl Gang for one of their Friday Night Socials. Meet some fellow skaters of all levels, have a chat and unwind. You can bring your own skates if you have them or hire some for a taster at just £3. What a great way to get some exercise and socialise on a Friday night!

Join fellow vinyl lovers at Wharf Chambers for a night of groovy tunes! Get some DJ experience without any pressure, share the joy of music and play whatever type of music you like without judgment. This happens once a month so get involved if you can.


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