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Reconnect to: Nature

Today, we’re focusing on reconnecting to nature. Reconnecting to the natural world has never been more powerful. Whether this is to trees, wildlife, water, hills, or just to the fresh air, Conor shares his walking route for the day & suggestions of local Leeds places to get outside.

Today is all about getting that all-important fresh air.

Reconnecting to nature and the outdoors has never been more powerful and positive, helping us to feel connected to more than just ourselves but to the natural world around us. If you can venture out a little further than your front door, we urge you to go somewhere where nature is around you! Take a look at Conor's walking route and suggestions below!

Don't forget to share how you reconnect to nature with us! Take a photo of your view, the walking track you're on or the nearest bit of nature you can see and tag @leedsartsunion!

You'll be entered into our competition to win the beautifully illustrated 'Other Ways to Walk' by Rachel Howfield Massey


Walking route and points of interest in Leeds!


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