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Reconnect to: You

We're excited to launch the first post from your Postgrad Officer, Conor Rush, with a series of walking routes and outdoor inspirations. Today, we’re prompting you to reconnect to yourself. Whether this is outdoors or in the comfort of your room, spend a little time today in a quiet location for a moment of calm.

"It was really important to me during the first lockdown to get out and do a big walk almost everyday… as I’m sure it has become for so many of us. It was during this that I noticed how beautiful and beneficial it was to give yourself time and space to connect to who you are and where you are, whilst reconnecting to the nature around you. So, when the Union team asked us Exec for ideas for the Reconnect campaign, I knew exactly what I wanted to suggest.

We’ve worked together to provide prompts, example locations, maps of potential routes, and suggested environments over the next three days to help give you the time and space to reconnect to yourself, the nature around you and where you are in the world.

Whether you do all three in a day or one big walk or even break it up into little moments for contemplation across the end of the week, I hope you take the time to reflect and that these spaces help you to do just that!

We all know how much we can benefit from a quiet sit down amongst the trees, the sound of birds and flowing water or a good walk up a hill and a splendid view. Who knows … you may even stumble across some treasure …

All the best,

Your PostGraduate Officer, Conor Rush"


Share how you are reconnecting to yourself by tagging @leedsartsunion for the chance to win the beautifully illustrated 'Other Ways to Walk' by Rachel Howfield Massey


Walking route prompt for the day


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