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Reconnect to Your Practice

We are giving you loads of ways to expand your practice this reconnect week, including some info about mini-project ideas, what extra sessions Uni is running and what courses you can get involved with around different Leeds venues.

We have compiled a list of some fun mini-project ideas to help you get back in the swing of things for your next project. These prompts try to incorporate some of your favourite things, from music to food that could give you some arty inspo without getting to overwhelmed with ideas. Have some fun creating some of these, they could take an hour to a week - however long you want to take!

There are also loads of extra sessions running throughout the University this Reconnect Week! This is a great chance to expand your technical skills and get to know the workshop staff and what they can offer for the new year ahead. Check out their e-Studio pages to sign up!

3D Workshops are offering extra sessions in casting ceramics, metalwork, woodwork, laser cutting and plastics. This is a great chance to dabble in anything 3D even if it isn't the basis of your practice!

Print and Printmaking are running so many sessions to help diversify your printing knowledge and give you more specific print-making skills. They are offering sessions in Letterpress using wooden type, Drypoint (intaglio/etching), Letterpress using metal type, Monoprint, Lino printing, Screen printing on paper, Bookbinding, Heatpress, and Textiles screen printing.

Photography and Moving Image are hosting two DSLR Information and Practice sessions for students on non-lens-based-courses. Why not develop your photo skills and add this into your multi-disciplinary practice.

Computer Resource are offering basic software introductions in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign in the Mac Suite. If you’d like a ‘hands-on’ experience of using software, learn some new tech tips and tricks to expand your software knowledge!

We also have a range of workshop recommendations below that happen around Leeds! Most of these are multiple session courses that will help your to expand your creative practice or try something completely new...

Why not become a portrait expert in this 5 week course! It allows your to experiment with a range of mediums and processes in a step-by-step approach. This is perfect for print-making beginners or people who want to expand their print knowledge even further!

Print using Lino in this multiple colour process! Ink these pieces up separately and piece them back together like a jigsaw. This process is an amazing way to create colourful prints by carving multiple blocks. All tools provided!

A 5 Session course learning how to use specially coated material exposed to UV light to create a beautiful blue tinted image! Learn how to use a variety of effects to alter the blue-ness of the image. You can create cyanotypes using a variety of objects, from natural forms to cut out shapes.

Join Seagulls in this 2-hour workshop where you will learn how to create a beautiful mosaic! You can make an a4 size piece for indoor or outdoor display. Learning through the design process all the way to your elaborate finished piece.

Join Stitch-up for this guide to beginners crochet! Learn the absolute basics step-by-step in this 2-hour workshop. Join a creative group to get some inspo, learn new skills and have a crafty morning. There is tea, coffee and biscuits included in this workshop that is perfect for beginners or people wanting to refresh their skills.


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