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Student Spotlight | #13 | Lucy Cross

This week we’re joined by VisCom student, and one of the new co-leaders of our LGBT+ society, SPECTRUM, Lucy Cross. Lucy told us all about how being in nature sparks her creativity and her hopes for SPECTRUM going forward.

STUDENTS’ UNION: Hey Lucy! It’s great to be able to speak to you today! We know that you’re on VisCom, but what type of artist would you categorise yourself as?

LUCY CROSS: I would say I’m a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on textile art.

STUDENTS’ UNION: Ah cool, what would you say inspires the work that you create?

LUCY CROSS: I always seem to find inspiration in nature, tactile art and interesting textures and shapes.

STUDENTS’ UNION: What is it about those things that inspire you?

LUCY CROSS: I love things that make people smile or stop for a moment to look at. My ethics have always revolved around fun and doing things for no reason other than it being fun to do. If my work can get a little chuckle out of someone, it’s worth all the time and effort I’ve put in.

STUDENTS’ UNION: Would you say that that’s an overall objective of your work?

LUCY CROSS: I’d definitely say so. My work usually aims to make people smile or laugh. I think there needs to be more happiness in the world, and if my art can make one person a bit happier for a few minutes, it's done its job.

STUDENTS’ UNION: What’s life without a little bit of laughter and happiness? It feels so great when your work gets the reaction that you’re looking for!

STUDENTS’ UNION: When would you say you feel like you’re at your most creative?

LUCY CROSS: I'm most creative when I'm out in the fresh air because I see weird or wonderful things which give me crazy ideas. I also seem to come up with my best ideas at 2am when I'm trying to sleep.

STUDENTS’ UNION: There’s something about those early hours of the morning that really kick your brain into action and get the creativity flowing. I imagine that plays into your working process?

LUCY CROSS: I’d say so. My process is constant, and sometimes it feels like I never stop working because my mind is always turning and generating different ideas. I try my best to work in a quiet environment with no distractions, but I'm always listening to music because it somehow helps me focus.

The image features knitted flowers created by Lucy cross as part of a university project which focused on conservation.
'Knitted Flowers' by Lucy Cross

STUDENTS’ UNION: Which artists are you listening to help get you through?

LUCY CROSS: Mainly YUNGBLUD at the moment (he's my newest love, especially as he comes from Doncaster like me), with a bit of Tom Rosenthal and The Front Bottoms mixed in.

STUDENTS’ UNION: A nice little bit of hometown pride there, love it!

LUCY CROSS: That reminds me actually, I’d definitely add YUNGBLUD to that list of inspirations. I’d probably throw in Lucy Sparrow, Daisy Collingridge, OK Go, AURORA and Tracy Widdess in there as well. Love them all!

STUDENTS’ UNION: The list never stops! Ok, so outside of those people that you’ve named, if you had the opportunity to collaborate with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why?

LUCY CROSS: Definitely Taika Waititi. I feel like collaborating with him would result in some pretty kooky, crazy stuff.

STUDENTS’ UNION: Great choice! Jojo Rabbit was such an amazing film! I must admit, I’m super excited to see what he does with the next Thor instalment.

STUDENTS’ UNION: You recently became one of the new co-leaders of our LGBT+ society, SPECTRUM alongside Charlie Seal (check out our previous spotlight with Charlie here!) and Oliver Clarke. What’s one thing that you would like everyone to know about the society?

LUCY CROSS: We’ve got lots of exciting stuff in the works for both members and non-members which you’ll see in the next few months!

STUDENTS’ UNION: That’s great to hear! We can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store. What would you say are your hopes for SPECTRUM going forward?

LUCY CROSS: I hope that we can make SPECTRUM a very welcoming place and expand on what previous leaders and members have achieved since it was created. I want it to be a society everyone feels excited about and proud to be a part of, and where every single member feels represented and valued.

STUDENTS’ UNION: Well we have every faith in you here in the Union! Thanks for speaking to us today Lucy.

You can check out more of Lucy’s work on Instagram at @lucycross_art, and you can also find out more about SPECTRUM and how to sign up to the society by clicking here! Make sure to also follow SPECTRUM on Instagram to stay up to date with what's going on!


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