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The Art of Cooking – Exec Recipes | Day 8 | Welfare Fortnight

Following on from 'The Art of Cooking' launch from your Activities Officers, Izzie & Rosie, we bring you some special recipe picks from the rest of the Union team!

This year we want you to really get to know you're Exec so that you feel like you really know whos representing you. To kick off this new initiative of 'Exec Recommendations' we wanted the team to share some of their favourite recipes for you guys to try at home. We've got a great mix of different foods, so why not download the pdf below and try your hand at recreating one of the dishes and let us know what you think?

Tag @leedsartsunion in all your Welfare Fortnight activities! Check out the What's On calendar for even more events here:

The Art of Cooking – Exec Recipes 20:21
Download • 169KB


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