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Write about it | Day 6 | Self Care Challenge

Writing is a really useful therapeutic tool that people often overlook, so if you feel like putting your thoughts down on paper to make more sense of them, do it. You could write one line per day on how you’re feeling or a whole diary entry, you could compose a song, a poem, a piece of literature or a script. Our current situation is one that no one has seen before, so it’s important that we record our experiences for future generations so they can understand what it was like.  

Another great way to boost your mindset is to make yourself a list of things you’re grateful for. Things that bring you joy no matter how silly, it could be your favourite yoghurt, the colour green or how confident you feel when you wear your hair a certain way! Aside from surprising yourself with how long of a list you can make in 5 minutes, it’s a great reference whenever you’re feeling a bit down.  

Alternatively, every time you think of something you wish you could do but can’t because you’re in isolation, write it on a piece of paper and put it in a jar. Once we're out of isolation, you'll have a list of fun things you will be able to do again.  


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