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Welfare Week 2023 | Feel-Good Films

Sometimes when you’re having mental health difficulties and are stressed out, all you want to do is curl up on the sofa with a duvet and watch a film. Having a lazy film day is still self-care and a way to de-stress when you're down. We have put our heads together in the Union team to bring you a list of feel-good films for this campaign week. We have recommended a variety of genres, from kid's films and musicals to inspiring stories, hopefully, this can help bring a smile to your face when all you want to do is lie on the sofa.

Make sure to tag us at @LeedsArtsUnion on Instagram and use the hashtags #LAUWelfareWeek2023 in your Welfare Week reads and other activities!

So we have compiled a list of feel-good films to watch on those cosy couch days! In no particular order...



With beautiful scenery, this film follows the journey of waitress Amélie who wants to improve the lives of people around her. She encounters a series of Parisian characters and glimpses into their lives for the better. Whilst trying to combat loneliness Amélie through the lives of others finds love in the capital city.


Ferris Buellers day off

A high-school student Ferris calls in sick to spend an action-packed day with his best friend Cameron and girlfriend Sloane. He has a thrilling day walking the streets of New York City on the day of the big parade with his besties by his side. Meanwhile, his principal is determined to catch him playing hooky. This film lets you escape on Buellers ideal day off school!


The Goonies

Watch this 80's classic for some action, adventure, and comedy. Follow a group of teenagers in this coming-of-age adventure with a sprinkle of treasure hunting! As they try and save their homes in the Goon Docks from being knocked down this band of misfits go on the hunt for pirate treasure while trying to avoid a local gang of criminals.


Miss Congeniality

Join Gracie Hart a kick-ass FBI agent who infiltrates the Miss United States pageant after it's been threatened by a bomber. Gracie goes from uniformed detective to ball-gown beauty queen in a comedy film that explores feel-good themes of unlikely friendships, reframing old beliefs and natural instinct in her field of work. Sandra Bullock is absolutely amazing in this and will make you feel powerful!


Hidden Figures

This is an inspiring tale of three female African-American mathematicians facing racial and gender discrimination at NASA. The film has ups and downs but shows the amazing work they did to ensure astronaut John Glenn's launch into orbit. This movie is based on the true story of women Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Dorothy Vaughan. This is quite a long film but is totally worth it, you might shed a few tears but you'll be smiling by the end!



After the Mystery Inc crew break-up, strange occurrences bring them together to solve the mysteries happening on Spooky Island. This film has an amazing sense of humor and is perfect for kids and adults. This film is full of nostalgia and is perfect for a Scooby-Do fanatic or if you've never even seen the show. Jinkies, it's good!


Legally Blonde

When sorority girl Elle Woods is dumped by her boyfriend Warner Huntington III for a 'smarter' brunette, she decides to enroll in Harvard Law School to teach her ex-boyfriend a lesson. Join Elle on a journey to finding herself, her true friends, and her passion for law while overcoming stereotypes of being blonde. Oh, and you can't forget about her sidekick Bruiser Woods the Chihuahua. This is a romantic comedy guaranteed to make you smile!



I could give you a full list of amazing musicals but Hairspray is the one guaranteed to lift your spirits! Join Tracy Turnblad on her journey to stardom on her favourite Tv show "The Corny Collins Show". This is a story about first loves, friendships, and fighting back against racial discrimination in 60's Baltimore. With sing-along tunes and inspiring messages, this film is fantastically feel-good!


20th Century Women

Dorothea a bohemian single mother puts together a group of women to help raise her adolescent son. She brings together a punk artist and her son's best friend to teach him how to become an adult in the 20th Century. This film is a refreshing coming-of-age comedy drama with an amazing soundtrack and great character development!


The Parent Trap

Watch the epic story of twin sisters (who are separated at birth) Hallie and Annie as they meet at summer camp. The twins decide to switch places in an effort to reunite their divorced parents and stop their Dad from marrying an evil stepmother Meredith. This film is super sweet and brings together twins from different environments on the same mission.


Cheaper by the Dozen 2

Now, this is one of those film franchises in which the sequel is in my opinion better than the first! Cheaper by the Dozen 2 follows the Baker family of 12 children on their summer vacation to a lake house. They bump into Tom Baker's (the father) old childhood rival Jimmy Murtaugh. The film follows relationships between the Baker family members as well as making new friends and foes with the Murtaugh family. This feel-good film will give you some y2k nostalgia, hit you with the feels and laugh out loud at an amazing kid's film!


12. Sky High

This might be a bit of a silly one but it will make you feel good! This American teen comedy is set in Sky High, a school of kids of superheroes and sidekicks. This film is all about dissolving stereotypes and unlikely friendships. Oh, and there are of course supervillains! So join the Sky High gang as they battle the most powerful supervillain of all, Royal Pain whilst battling the struggles of High School.


I hope you feel good watching some of these recommendations, some are more moving than others but you'll have fun watching either way. If your wanting to get more involved with some feel-good film screenings then look no further than our LAU Film Society. This society is a great way to get to know other students who share a love of cinema and film. They have one of their final screenings of the year this week but don't forget to sign up below if you're wanting a fun watch of the 2014 film Pride at 5 pm in G03 & G04!

And of course, if you need extra support you're always welcome in the Students' Union to chat, or you can get support from the Student Welfare team; check out their portal to see what's on offer below.



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