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Student Spotlight | #23 | Juliet Gaskell

Welcome back to the Student Spotlight, where each week we’ll be interviewing an LAU student to find out more about you and your practice! For this week’s Student Spotlight we spoke to Visual Communication student and Co-Leader of the Zine Society, Juliet Gaskell. She's taken part in many of the Unions Art Markets and has a broad range of mediums within her work.

Read on to find out just what inspires Juliet's creative practice!

Students’ Union: Hi Juliet, thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us today! Let's kick off with you telling us a bit about what kind of work you produce...

Juliet Gaskell: Printmaking, Collage, Jewellery and handmade crafts.

Students’ Union: It sounds like you an Artist of many talents! With having such a multi-disciplinary practice you must have lots of inspiration for your work. Who and what inspires you?

Juliet Gaskell: I think exploring things under the surface is what interests me most! I'm very into zines and everything in alt culture, particularly the dreaminess of shoegaze music as I feel like it expresses the emotions I'm interested in without words, which is what I try to do in my art. Some of my favourite artists are Joe Boyd, Leonora Carrington, Floria Sigismondi and Briscoe Park!

Students’ Union: Your artwork definitely has a dreaminess element to it! What message do you want your work to convey if any?

Juliet Gaskell: A lot of my work is trying to think about the weird dreamy intangible aspects of life, the things you can't explain in words or see - liminal spaces and emotions, and conveying things through symbolism and visuals!

Students’ Union: Nice, do you have a particular audience you make work for?

Juliet Gaskell: I think partly for myself, to understand my own thoughts and emotions and the things I'm interested in exploring, but also for others who feel a little out of place and interested in odd or 'off-center' things, and who are interested in the weird and hard to explain emotions!

Students’ Union: This all sounds amazing! Creating really helps you to get those emotions out. What do you listen to whilst working?

Juliet Gaskell: Wolf Alice, The Smashing Pumpkins, Alexandra Savior, Florence & The Machine, Flyte, Cocteau Twins, Hozier, Sorry, The Marias

Students’ Union: You have such a broad music taste which must really inspire you and help with idea generation! How do you come up with your ideas?

Juliet Gaskell: I usually let the idea guide my work, and see where it takes me. I try to hone in on a specific situation or emotion, or even just something I find visually pretty or weird and see what comes up, then work out how I can visualise it or explain it using whatever medium(s) fit it best, and it usually ends up with a weird Frankenstein amalgamation of things that I fit together! Combining oddity and uneasiness with beauty and detail is something I'm really interested by!

Students’ Union: Thank you so much for telling us all about your creative practice today Juliet!

If you want to check out more of Juliet's work then you can find her @silverpersephoneart


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