The Project Fund is intended to support a range of student-led projects and activities, encouraging collaboration between students from different courses and disciplines from across the University. All students from Undergraduate & Postgraduate programmes are eligible to apply for funding.

The Project Fund has been created to support any project that is ‘extra-curricular’. This means that your project must not directly influence or be submitted as part of any of your course work. Any artefact, events or activity must not form part of any assessment or any work submitted to your course. 



If you've got an idea, there really are no limits to what the Project Fund can support. Maybe you want to host your own gig or exhibition but you're struggling to get the funding together for the venue hire? Maybe you and your course mates would love to produce a zine but you're not sure how to fund getting it printed? You might even want some support in setting up a small business or creative side hustle! 

Got a project but want to run it past us first? 

Why not drop in one of our information sessions or email


To apply for the Project Fund all you need to do is complete the application which you can access by clicking on the below button. We recommend that you take some time to complete your application, taking care to read all the guidance thoroughly and taking the time to do so in full. 


Applications are now closed! 


Although Project Fund is now closed, there are still other opportunities available to help get your projects off the ground. 

Leeds Inspired small grants run on a monthly basis and are available to fund arts projects and events which bring the city alive and make Leeds a great place to live and work. Applications to the Small Grant Scheme should fund new activity, kick start new elements to existing activity or assist projects in reaching a new or wider audience.

2021 Small Grants deadlines:

  • 12 pm - Thursday 1st April 

  • 12 pm - Thursday 6th May 

  • 12 pm - Thursday 3rd June 

  • 12 pm - Thursday 1st  July 

  • 12 pm - Thursday 5th August 

  • 12 pm - Thursday 2nd September 

  • 12 pm - Thursday 7 October 

  • 12 pm - Thursday 4 November