As you're all wonderfully creative bods, the Union will always try to support your creativity as much as possible. We've introduced a new initiative this year to help us do just that; Project Fund. 

The Project Fund is intended to support a range of student led projects and activities, encouraging collaboration between students from different courses and disciplines from across the University.

Leeds Arts Union has designated £1000 to allocate towards supporting student projects, initiatives and collaborations. All students from all programmes of study [Further Education, Undergraduate and Post Graduate] are eligible to apply for funding.

The Project Fund has been created to support projects that are ‘extra-curricular’. We completely get that this term can be difficult to define in an arts environment, but it is really important that the Project Fund is not used or allocated to any student that would directly gain course or module credits as a result of support from the fund.

The Project Fund must not directly influence any submission of work as part of a students’ course.  Any artefact or events produced should not form part of any assessment, nor should any materials purchased or expense occurred support the production of work submitted for assessment.


To apply for the Project Fund all you need to do is complete this simple Google Form. We recommend that you take some time to complete your application. Best of luck!

Let us tell you a little more about the Project Fund...

The really important stuff...

The project fund will have three submission deadlines in an academic year.


Applications will be open from:


5pm Friday 11th October, 2019

5pm Monday 13th January, 2020


Students must submit an application before the deadlines below:

5pm Wednesday 13th November, 2019

5pm Wednesday 19th February, 2020

Information and general enquiry drop in sessions will be held: 

12-1pm Thursday 17th October, 2019

12-1pm Thursday 23rd January, 2020

So where do I apply?

key dates

0113 202 8296

Leeds Arts University

Blenheim Walk



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