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Question: I feel like I need to talk to someone about a personal problem, where do I go?
Answer: We have lots of information here and alternatively you can visit the Student Advice & Wellbeing or Union team for an informal, friendly chat so that we can help and advise you best.  

Question: I think I have a substance abuse problem, where do I go?
Answer: If you're struggling with your substance use, speak to your GP and/or the Student Advice & Wellbeing as soon as possible. For more info head to our Drugs & Alcohol page, where you'll find lots of useful links and information on safe substance use. 

Question: I’d like to apply for a bursary, where do I go?
Answer: You'll find some helpful details on student bursaries and finance here.

Question: I’m looking for a house/housemates, where do I go?
Answer: Check out the information here.

Question: I’m not sure how to go about applying for jobs, what do I do?
Answer: Get in touch with the Careers, Enterprise and Enterprise team as they will be able to give you guidance. For paid creative opportunities and jobs, you should check out the Union Creative Opportunities page here.

Question: What support is there for me?
Answer: The University and Union have a range of different support systems in place for our students, from a Buddy Scheme to counselling. Have a look at the information here and get in touch if you need further advice. 

Question: I’m feeling the pressure to drink when I just want to stay in, what do I do?
Answer: Have a look at our information here, check out the Union events that are going on and feel free to pop into the Union for a chat with one of the team.

Question: I’m struggling financially, what do I do?
Answer: Email Student Advice & Wellbeing for advice and support.

Question: There’s a utilities problem with my house, what do I do?
Answer: Take a look at the Housing section and get in touch if you need support. 

Question: I want to seek sexual health advice, what do I do?
Answer: You can take a look at the Sexual Health information here

Question: I’m an International student and I’m finding it hard to make friends, what do I do?
Answer: You should take a look at joining our International Society. We've also got a great Buddy Scheme at University. Take a look and sign up here.

Question: I want to run a project outside of my course work but I need a bit of financial help to set it up, what do I do?
Answer: That's where the Project Fund comes in! Check out the information here and apply for funding.


Question: I need to join a doctors in Leeds, what do I do?
Answer: You'll find all the information you need here.

Question: I’m worried about how I’ll find work after I finish Uni, what do I do?
Answer: Get in touch with our Careers, Enterprise and Enterprise team for advice, guidance and support.

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