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We may be a small & specialist Union for all you creative folk but we still think it's really important to offer our own opportunities to get you feeling fit and feeling good. It's proven that active exercise is incredibly beneficial to your mental health so show yourself some love and boost a move!

We do our best to provide as many sports & fitness opportunities as possible but please get in touch if you need help in finding that particular sporting activity.  


We offer regular fitness classes per week for you to take a break, destress and have some fun! 


From yoga and Pilates to kettlebells and HIIT training - there's a range of classes for everyone! ​Due to covid-19, classes will be held online for the start of term. 


Yoga: Mondays 5pm - 6pm & 6pm - 7pm

Rotating Classes: Wednesdays 5pm - 6pm

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'Netball has played a huge part in our university experience. The two of us met in first year at netball training and found we shared an enthusiastic, competitive spirit, we probably over enjoyed the socials and now in our final year, we are housemates! LAU netball allows you to make a solid group of friends, gain a sense of belonging, keep fit and have fun.” - Anna and Jess, Netball Captains 2020 

Due to covid-19, training and matches are yet to be confirmed. Team sign up and socials will still happen at the start of term, online or in-person but socially distanced.

These will be for everyone to join in and have a great time together.


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'LAU FC is an inclusive group open to anyone interested. From social events and casual training sessions to competitive matches and tournaments. The team spirit and morale is on display throughout.'

- Lee, Football Captain 2020

As the Government has confirmed that Football is a permitted sport, we do anticipate that training and matches will be able to go ahead at the start of term as normal. Watch this space!

Team sign up and socials will still happen at the start of term, online or in-person but socially distanced.


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Looking to get active and love to run? If so, Run Club

is the society for you!

Whether you are a sprinter or a starter, everyone is welcome to get fit and run with the Leeds Arts Run Club [socially distanced of course!]

No membership necessary. Runs to be schedule soon. 

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