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Chaplains are people appointed by religious communities to look after you wherever you are. While a Minister is based in a Church or Parish, a Chaplain will be based in a Hospital, a University, an Oil Rig, a Prison etc.


If you'd like to meet with one of the Chaplains they have both pre-booked and drop-in services available to students and staff at Leeds Arts University that are all totally confidential and independent of the University. You can talk with a Chaplain not just about matters of faith and spirituality, but about anything that bothers you. They are here for you no matter what your faith is, but if you want to speak to someone of your own faith, that can be arranged.

To speak to a Chaplain, call 0113 343 5071 or email You can also come in to the Emmanuel Centre, which is in the old church opposite the Parkinson Building on the edge of the University of Leeds campus. You can see the grey stone spire from the Blenheim Walk building.

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