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Welfare Week 2023 | Creating a Calm Space

Creating a calming space somewhere in your house is super important! Whether it be in your bedroom, your living room or if you have a little corner space or windowsill somewhere, learn what to add to your space to make it relaxing and a space to de-stress!

Have warm lighting

You could do this by embracing the natural light that comes into your room. You can have yellow-toned light bulbs in your lamps for at night time. Also adding, in sweet little touches such as candles (if your contract doesn't allow open flames, battery-powered candles can be a great option) or fairy lights to add that little twinkle. Warm-toned lighting creates a cosier space and feels more natural because it mimics the sun, thus making us feel more relaxed.

Have a lovely scent throughout your space

You could do this by using an oil burner/wax melts and using scents such as lavender to help calm nerves. Another option is using incense (my personal favourite is sandalwood) or burning a candle if you're allowed. Renter-friendly options could be having a diffuser or room sprays, you could even have a few different ones! Different scents can evoke emotions and it's a very personal choice, so pick something you enjoy and makes you want to relax.

Add some cosy textiles or a soft rug

Have some soft cushions or a fluffy blanket that makes your space comfortable to sit in and pleasing to the eye. This will make you want to cuddle up, settle down and de-stress. Maybe using neutral tones such as green or calming tones such as blue so the space feels open and soothing. You could also add in a soft rug that makes you want to go barefoot and ground yourself! Why not pick up one of the free blankets from the Students' Union?

Add in some houseplants

Houseplants not only add in some beautiful decor but are also shown to boost moods, reduce stress and can also help you feel more creative. Houseplants also help to purify the air around you. I know some people may be daunted buying their first house plant, but don't worry some are super easy to look after, I would recommend starting off with a cactus or succulent and going from there!

Add some artwork you love

I'm guessing if you reading this blog you're a creative of some sort, add some artwork into your space! You could add some of your own work that you are really proud of or buy a piece of art you love from an independent artist. Surround yourself with the decor you love to help you feel inspired! A great way to do this can be to attend one of our student Art Markets or check out The Art Aisle to also support small, local and LAU businesses!

Declutter and tidy your space

And finally, try to regularly declutter and tidy your space. This will make it less stressful to the eye and really open the space up. Have a space where each of your items is kept so you know where to put things back. Even if you set some healthy habits like making sure your dishes are done before bed so you wake up to a tidy kitchen or collect your clothes into a washing basket at the start of the day, every little action can help! as they say tidy house, tidy mind :)


If you need extra support you're always welcome in the Students' Union to chat, we also have a support page on our website ​to give you advice on whatever is getting you down or making you feel anxious. There are a variety of services throughout the University and also different organisations we can signpost you to. So check out this page if you need some extra help.


If your wanting a calming space inside University this week then why not come and cuddle some doggos! The Guide Dogs are back from 11:00 pm today (Thursday the 20th April) to give you a relaxing afternoon. It's a £2 minimum donation for Guide Dogs UK charity per 15-minute slot, so make sure to sign up below!



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